The Single Mom Foundation (SMF) has always been committed to improving the lives of single moms and their families. Started in 1998 as Greenbacks Bringing Hope to Single Moms, the foundation has remained an active voice for raising awareness of single mom issues throughout the state.  More recently, the SMF has participated in important research projects including the Single Mom Initiative with BYU’s Economic Self-Reliance Center.

As we look toward the future, we are pleased to announce that the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) will be the new home for our acclaimed Education Website for single moms. The website will now have greater potential to reach single moms through UHEAA's statewide outreach and will ultimately help more single moms become self-reliant through education. UHEAA will continue to build upon our foundation’s efforts to improve access for single mom students to assist them in planning and financing their education. We hope you will visit to see how the original SMF Education Website has been enhanced with additional services and expanded resources to assist single moms.

With the transition of the education program to UHEAA, the Single Mom Foundation will be closing after 11 years serving single moms in Utah. We wish to thank our co-founder and Board Chair, Brent Bishop, the Board of Directors and our dedicated staff for their tremendous contributions on behalf of single moms in Utah. For more information about continuing programs and enhanced services, please contact UHEAA at (801) 321-7294 or toll free (877) 336-7378.